August 2023

As summer fades, we welcome the vibrant colors of fall and all that it brings with it (Pumpkin spice, perhaps?).


What's New

We've spiced up your Schedule View with some vibrant new options! Now you can add a splash of color while customizing your schedule. Introducing two fresh columns, Client and Team, which you can use to sort your schedule effortlessly.

Known Issues

Greatness requires some trial and error. Thank you for being patient while we work on tidying up the following issues:

  1. The Project summary bars and text may be misplaced after switching between the Day, Week and Month views while Hide Empty Rows is selected.
    • For the time being, keep Hide Empty Rows deselected and you should be good to go.
  2. When reordering (dragging and dropping) columns, you may experience the column header turning red and not letting you move the column even when it's a valid location.
    • Once you 'drop' the column, it'll go back to its original placement. Then the column can be moved to any valid location.

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