Signing Into Audere After Joining

Follow these steps to sign in for the first time.

When you joined Audere, you should have received a Welcome email.
  1. Open the link provided in the email to access Audere.

    Sign inn

  2. Enter your login information in the Email and Password fields.
  3. Select the Sign In button to log into Audere.

Set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

The Owner of the Audere account has the option to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Account Settings for everyone that signs into the project. For accounts with MFA enabled, perform the following steps after selecting Sign In.
  1. Install your preferred Authenticator app (i.e., Okta, Microsoft Authenticator, etc.), if necessary.
    MFA Setup
  2. Scan the QR Code to connect your authenticator app with Audere.
  3. When the 6-digit token displays in your app, enter the token in the 6 Digit Token field.
    • To save your MFA for subsequent log ins, enable the Remember me check box.
  4. Select the Verify button to log into Audere.
When the authentication expires, you will be prompted to enter a new 6-digit token at login.

Enter Your Token

Forgot Password

If you forgot your password, use the Forgot Password? link to reset it.

  1. Enter your email address and select the Reset Password button.
  2. Check your email to open the link to reset your password.
  3. Enter your new password into both the New Password and Confirm Password fields.
  4. Select the Reset & Sign In button.  

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