Getting Started Quickly

Before you can jump into everything Audere offers, let's start with the basics.

If you’re not quite sure where to begin with your blank Schedule page, have no fear! We’ve identified a few simple (but important) steps here that will help you build out your Schedule page and set your team up for success.

Step 1: Build the Foundation from the Schedule Page

Construct the base of your Schedule with these required foundational components.

  1. Add your team as People resources (view video or article). 
  2. Create your Projects (view video or article).
  3. Add Assignments for your projects (view video or article). 

Step 2: Add Secondary Components from Account Settings

Customize your resources by adding these secondary components.

  1. Review default settings for First Day of the Week and Working Days/Weekly Hours and adjust to meet your business days/hours, if needed (view video or article). 
  2. Create Roles that align with your typical project processes (view video or article). 

Step 3: Enrich Your Schedule from Account Settings

Finalize your Schedule with these enhanced features.

  1. Create your Teams so you can group People and Roles (view video or article). 
  2. Add Clients (view video or article). 

Now you're ready to start managing your resources and empowering your team.

Welcome to greatness! 

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