Personalizing Your Schedule Page Display

Whether you prefer warm and cozy or bright and spacious, display settings help you personalize your space.

Follow Steps 1 and 2 to personalize your Display settings.

Step 1: Open Display Settings

  1. Select your Profile icon in the upper-right corner of the page, and then select My Settings from the drop-down menu to open the My Settings page. 
  2. Select Display from the side menu.
    Display Page

Step 2: Personalize Your Display Settings

Density: Controls how much white space is around your rows and columns on the Schedule.

  • Select Condensed (least spacing), Standard (average spacing), or Comfortable (more spacing).
    • By default, your schedule displays in Standard density.
      Display Density

Theme: Determines whether Audere displays in Light or Dark mode.

  • Toggle the Theme bar to select Light or Dark mode.Light ModeDark Mode

Accessibility: Helps Audere stay within the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, so any animations that start automatically can be disabled. 

  • Toggle the Animations bar On/Off to disable or re-enable automatic movement according to your preference.  

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