Deleting a Phase

A phase and its underlying assignments can be deleted from the Schedule page.

To delete a phase:

  1. From the People or Projects views of the Schedule page, hover your cursor over an item in the list of phases, or tap the row if using a mobile device. The row color changes to indicate the phase that will be affected. 
  2. When the floating action buttons appear, select the kabob button 2 More Actions button and select Delete from the list.
    Note RM Admin And Owners
    edit phase
    • If there are any associated assignments, they will be deleted as well.
    • An assignment can be deleted from multiple locations using the same method.

Caution: Generally, the floating buttons delete connections only; they do not delete the resource itself. However, if Delete is selected from the Projects: Phases view, the phase and any resource associations are deleted. 

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