Exporting Schedule Data

Your schedule is a masterpiece. Share it with others.

You put a lot of thought into creating your Schedule and that data may be useful in other ways and applications, so Audere provides you with a way to export the data to a CSV file.
Note RM Admin And Owners

  1. On the Schedule page, select the Export button on the upper-right side of the page to open the Confirm Export dialog.
    Export Button Listing
  2. Select a Start Date and End Date with the Calendar icons to define an assignment date range for the export.
    Data Fields
    Export Calendar
  3. Select Summary (default) to export each assignment as a row or Detail to export each assignment day as a row from the Export Format drop-down.
    tip information icon
    • Summary: Project, Phase (blank if assignment doesn't have phases), Assignee, Start Date, End Date, Hours, Percent, Status, Description
    • Detail: Project, Phase (blank if assignment doesn't have phases), Assignee, Date, Hours, Percent
  4. Select Export to export the data as a CSV file or Cancel to close the dialog without exporting.
    Empty Export File

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