Adding a New Project to the Schedule

A new project, including project details and project phases, can be added from the Schedule page.

Adding a new project is as easy as steps 1, 2, 3 (4 and 5)!


When you first log in and no projects exist, a No Projects message displays.

No Projects

Step 1: Add New Project

  1. Select the add button-1 Add button on the right side of the Schedule page.
  2. Select Create New Project from the drop-down menu. The New Project dialog opens.
    Create New Project

Step 2: Enter Project Information

  1. When the New Project dialog opens, complete the fields.
    New Project Upload Photo
  2. Enter a Name for your project. This name will display on the Schedule.
    • Each Project Name must be unique for a client; however, you can create the same project name for different clients (i.e., Project A for Client A, or Project A for Client B).
  3. Select the client associated with the project from the Client drop-down list.

Step 3: Upload Photo

See Adding a Photo to a Project for information on uploading an optional photo.

  • If no photo is set for the project, the client photo (if one is set) will be the default photo for the project and assignments. See Adding a Photo to a Client for more information.

Step 4: Enter Additional Information

  1. Select the Additional Information bar to view additional optional fields.
    Projects New Step 3
  2. Enter a project Description. 
  3. Select Confirmed, Tentative or Archived from the Status drop-down list to indicate whether a project is active, upcoming or inactive.
    • Once a project is archived, it won't display on the Projects drop-down when adding a project to a resource.
  4. Select Yes or No from the Chargeable drop-down list to indicate whether the project is chargeable or not.

    Step 5: Add Phases

    1. If the project has phases, select the Phases bar, and complete the optional fields.
      add project 2
    2. Enter a unique Name for the phase. A prompt to update the phase name displays if the phase already exists in the project.  
      • To add additional phases, select +Add More in the lower-left corner of the dialog.

      Note: Once a project is created, you can only add, rename, reorder and 
      delete phases from the Projects: Phase View on the Schedule. 

      Step 6: Create and Save

      Select Create when complete to save your project or Cancel to close the dialog without saving.

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