Moving a Project Schedule

Move a project and all of its underlying assignments to an earlier or later start date.

After you add a project to the Schedule, it may become necessary to move the project start date up or push it back by dragging-and dropping the Summary Bar. 

  1. From the Projects: Phases view of the Schedule page, collapse all projects.
  2. Select and hold the Phase Summary Bar in the Schedule calendar to drag the bar to the left or right until the beginning of the Summary Bar lines up with the updated start date on the Schedule calendar.
  3. Drop the Summary Bar in the desired location.

during move1
When you move a project, the project and all of its underlying assignments move as one group. The project start date and the start dates of all the project's underlying assignments update with the days and hours and relative position unchanged. 

Note: The phase must be collapsed, with assignments hidden, before you can move it.

Before Move


After Move


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