Associating an Existing Phase to a Resource

If a project has phases, you can add a phase association to a person or role, with or without an assignment.

Note: This functionality is only available for Resource Managers, Administrators and Owners.

People go through phases. Here's how to set them up for a successful one:

  1. From the People view on the Schedule page, hover your cursor over a person's name in the list, or tap the row if using a mobile device. The row color changes to indicate the resource you are selecting, and floating action buttons appear.
  2. When the floating action buttons appear, select the add button-1 Add button and then select Phase from the list. A new phase line is added and a list of existing project phases appears. 

Note: If a Phase doesn't appear in the list, the project may not have phases. To learn how to add a phase at the Project level, see Step 5: Add Phases in Adding a New Project to the Schedule.

        People Phase

  3.  Select a Phase from the drop-down list.

        Selecting a Phase

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