Changing Assignment Dates

The dates of assignments can be adjusted as your project progresses.

You can change the assignment date range in a few ways:

Option 1: Edit Specific Dates

Edit the assignment dates for specific individuals from the Edit Assignment dialog.

  1. Select anywhere in the open space (between hours boxes) of the Assignment Hours row to open the Edit Assignment dialog.
    Phase Assignment Hours Bar
  2. Select the existing dates in the Dates field, and update the field by selecting new dates from the calendar.
    Phase Calendar

Option 2: Drag and Drop to Change Date

Select and hold the Assignment Bar, then drag it to the left or right until the beginning of the bar aligns with the new start date on the Schedule.
Drag Assignment Hours

Caution: When dates are updated with this option in the Week or Month views, the assigned hours for those dates are automatically distributed evenly across Day and Week views. 

Option 3: Drag to Extend or Shorten Dates

Select the handle at the beginning or end of the Assignment Bar and drag it to shorten or lengthen the assignment.

Expand Assignment Hours

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