Reallocating an Assignment

As your project progresses, your available resources could change, and you may need to allocate assignments.

Note: This functionality is only available for Resource Managers, Administrators and Owners

You can reallocate assignment hours in a couple ways:

Option 1: Reassign from the Side Menu

  1. From the Project: People or Project: Phase view of the Schedule page, hover your cursor over a Person or Role in the list of resources, or tap the row if using a mobile device. The row color changes to indicate the Person or Role affected. 
  2. When the floating action buttons appear, select the edit button More Actions button and then select Reassign.
  3. In the Select Person field, choose a new Person or Role from the drop-down list.
    reallocate assign 2

Option 2: Reassign from the Edit Assignment Dialog

  1. Select the open space between Hours boxes in the Assignment Bar to open the Edit Assignment dialog.
    Hours Boxes-1
  2. Select the Assign To field and choose a new Person or Role from the drop-down list.
    Reallocate Assign
  3. Select Apply when complete to save or Cancel to close the dialog without saving.

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