July 2022

Self-service is open for the Audere Help Center and re-establishing MFA setup!

What's New

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? First-time users can easily access the Audere Help Center to get started quickly on their own! More do-it-yourself functionality can be found in the What's Changed section.

  • When a new user logs in for the very first time, a message displays that quickly gives them access to the Audere Help Center, so they can browse and search help articles to learn how to use Audere at their own pace.  
    first log in

What's Changed

Looking for more things you can do yourself? Administrators and Owners can now reset a user themselves!

  • A Reset User link displays in the Edit Person dialog box to reset a user’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). See Resetting a Person for more information.
    edit person1

    No Assignments? No problem! People can quickly verify they don't have any active assignments with the No assignments graphic on their home page (and the Summary page for other users).

    no assignments graphic

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