Updating a Person

People resource profiles that you assign to projects can be edited or deleted from the Schedule page.

Edit a Person

  1. From the People view of the Schedule page, hover your cursor over a person's name in the list, or tap the row if using a mobile device. The row color changes to indicate the person that will be updated.
  2. When the floating action buttons appear, select the edit button More Actions button and then select Edit to open the Edit Person dialog. 

    Note RM Admin And Owners

    Edit Person Button

  3. In the Edit Person dialog, all fields are selectable and editable, including the person's name and photo.

    Edit a Person-2
  4. To edit the role, select a role the Role drop-down list.
  5. To edit the team, select a team from the Team drop-down list.
  6. To add, change or delete a photo, hover your cursor over the profile icon. See Adding a Photo to a Resource Profile for more information.
  7. To edit the user permissions, select Team Member, Resource Manager or Administrator from the Invite As drop-down list.
  8. To edit the work calendar associated with the person, select a work calendar from the Calendar drop-down list.
    Caution Date Range Change
  9. To deactivate the role, select Inactivate from the Status drop-down list. See Adding a Person for more information on statuses.
  10. Select Apply to save any changes or Cancel to exit the dialog without saving.
    • If the person being inactivated has future phase assignments, a dialog prompts you to select Shift to shift the phases to the associated role or Update to set the person to inactive without shifting phases. The person is also removed from the assignment and project if they don't have a past phase associated with the assignment.

Delete a Person

  • If a person is not assigned on the Schedule, you can select the delete icon Delete button in the bottom-left corner of the dialog.
    • If they have assignments, you can set their status to Inactive instead. 

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